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Classic Car Insurance

Getting The Best Classic Car Insurance To Protect Your Heritage Car

If you own a heritage car and you would like to make sure that, in case the unfortunate happens, you get to restore it to its original shape without spending money from your own pocket, then you should learn about the benefits of getting the best classic car insurance from an insurer in your area.

So what counts as a classic car?

Even though your car may be 15 or 20 years old and you may cherish it more than any other car you own, that does not mean that it is a classic. There are many definitions of classic cars and you need to make sure that you agree with the insurer whether your car is truly a classic or not. Normally a classic car is considered a vehicle which is more than 15 years old and that is worth at least 15,000 pounds. However, for insurance purposes, the definition may somewhat differ. The best thing to do to clarify this aspect is to talk to your specialist car insurer to eliminate any confusion.

How much would classic car insurance cost?

Depending on your car make, model, year and other considerations, the classic car insurance might be more or less than a normal insurance. However, since most insurers assume that you will drive less often than with your regular vehicle, the insurance might cost less. After all, you probably use your heritage car just on special events or occasions and don’t use it as a carrying mule all day. Another thing most car insurers assume is that a heritage car will be better maintained than a normal car. Even though you drive your car less often, you might put more effort into keeping it in excellent shape. That may be due to your love and passion for the car or another reason, but the thing is that your heritage car will almost certainly benefit from preferential treatment. What this means is that the classic car insurance will almost always be cheaper than a normal, one due to the fact that your heritage car will be driven for less miles and be kept in a much better shape.

However, you should discuss with your car insurer about these conditions. Make sure that you specify if you use the car for other purposes or if you rent it for weddings or other occasions. Clarifying these things will ensure that you won’t have to pay out of your own pocket for repairs in case the insurer finds out that you have been driving the car for many more miles than initially believed. You might also have a mileage cap set for more accurate conditions.

Should you get a special classic car insurance?

Just as mentioned above, classic car insurance will probably be cheaper than normal car insurance. Not only that, but a regular insurer will not be able or willing to provide you with a fair evaluation of your heritage car. What this means is that the insurer might offer to compensate for your stolen car based on market value which is not real since you wouldn’t be able to accurately estimate its value with a traditional insurer.

However, going to a specialist provider will help you set a price for your beloved heritage car as well as provide you with increased benefits. On a side note, you might want to consult with some vintage car dealers or experts from the industry to make sure you get at least an approximate figure of how much your classic car is worth. Once you do that, you can discuss with your classic car insurance provider and agree on a car value. Even if it is high, you’ll probably still get a low-priced insurance due to the fact that the insurer will assume that your prized possession will be kept and stored under higher security standards than a normal vehicle.

What are other benefits of getting classic car insurance?

In addition to getting a fair evaluation of your heritage car to cover it in case it is stolen or damaged, a specialist insurer would also provide you with special coverage such as for parts. You wouldn’t put a modern engine or wheels on your classic car, would you? These custom parts tend to get expensive, as they are ordered from specialized shops around the world that may not have a large supply for your car model. With specialized insurance, you will also make sure you get authentic replacement parts, as well as ensure that only mechanics specialized in repairing heritage cars work on your vehicle.

Other things you might wish to know about

Before getting your classic car insurance, you might also want to clarify a few other things with the insurance agent. For example, if you plan on driving your car to shows around the country or even overseas, you should better let the insurer know about this. The last thing you want is to have to put up with the expensive repair bills just for driving your car to another state on your summer vacation. Make sure you let the insurer know everything about what you intend to do with the car, where you plan to keep it as well as other conditions that may apply in order to make sure you get coverage for all of these things. You might have to spend a few extra pounds to get special coverage for particular conditions, but then again you won’t risk fixing your heritage car from your own pocket regardless of what happens.

Browse through, check prices for specialist insurance and compare conditions. You might also wish to check reviews on particular car insurance companies to see if they are honest about what they are offering and if their previous customers are satisfied. Once you have found an insurer you can trust, get the best classic car insurance for your precious heritage car and make sure you’ve got it covered no matter what.